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About Phoenix Dog Trainer 

Professional, Commitment Based Dog Training

Our Phoenix dog trainer is an expert in canine behavior, and specializes in basic obedience, behavior modification, and particularly with severe behavior issues, including aggression and anxiety. Valley of the Sun Dog Training is affiliated with Canine Trade Group, an exclusive training school and network of training and veterinary professionals.

Valley of the Sun Dog Training covers Phoenix and surrounding areas. If you are unsure if you are in our radius, contact us. Our Phoenix dog training company employs an excellent office staff that is ready to address all your training inquiries and help you find the right training program for you and your dog. Our office can be reached at 520.518.7979, during normal office hours Monday through Friday.

Our goal is to keep families together, keeping dogs out of shelters and with their owners.

We understand every dog is different, and we wish to provide commitment-based dog training, while also respecting the dog’s individuality. All our training plans are customized to meet individual training needs and goals.

All training programs with Valley of the Sun Dog Training are in-home and can address any behavioral problem. If you have a pup that is at least 7 weeks of age, you can enroll them in puppy training. Training can also cover basic obedience issues, offer aggressive dog training and rehabilitation. At Valley of the Sun Dog Training, dogs that have a history of biting or aggression will not be turned away or branded “hopeless”, instead they can achieve positive change and success with our Phoenix aggressive dog training program.

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We receive a variety of cases, but we are happy to take in and bring results to even the toughest cases. We often are sought out to help dogs that were sent away by other trainers. If your dog was rejected by another trainer, don’t lose hope, because we’re ready to talk to you and work with your dog! Remember, with Valley of the Sun Dog Training, we won’t give up on you and your dog! Let us help you find the change that you need, because even if your dog is obnoxious, anxious, hyper, or aggressive…change IS possible!