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Erica Villalobos – Owner/Head Trainer

Erica has always had a love for all animals. Her first experience with falling for a dog was when she was a small child and her parents gave her a light brown Cocker Spaniel puppy named Tater. The two were inseparable, and that fondness has followed her into adulthood.

Erica now has a beautiful, seven-year-old German Shepherd/Akita mix named Jasmine—Jazzy for short. She rescued Jazzy from a shelter when she was just two months old and dedicated herself not only to providing a loving, welcoming home for her new addition, but also to training her entirely by herself.

Now, Jazzy is a certified emotional support therapy dog who loves walks, hikes, the dog park, and car rides. She’s also a living, breathing testament to the type of commitment you can expect when you choose Erica as your trainer. 

Although she enjoyed a career teaching young children, Erica found herself feeling more fulfilled in positions where she was able to work closely with man’s best friend—like when she worked as an intern with a K-9 training group. She took one look at Jazzy, her greatest accomplishment, and knew that with the right education and determination, she could make a successful career change to dog training.

 After passing the Canine Trade Group certification program with flying colors, she was able to fulfill her dream of working with dogs full time and in a meaningful way. Now it’s Erica’s lifelong mission to help owners build and maintain a strong relationship with their dogs.

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