Dog Training is For Owners Too! 

In essence, dog training is teaching dog owners the skills and knowledge needed to manipulate their dog’s behavior.

In my experience, dog owners underestimate the power they have in their dog’s behavior. They often blame their dog for the way they behave, but never think if they are doing something wrong to create their dog’s behavior. Dogs will behave in a particular way to convey their message. Without experience or knowledge, dog owners have no way of understanding their dog’s behaviors and as a result, frustration builds for both the owners and the dog. Dogs look for leadership and guidance from their owner, without structure and routine the dog believes it is his/her own boss and behaves accordingly.

Valley of the Sun Dog Training in Phoenix can help any dog, no matter how bad the issue

As a professional dog trainer, I will have no problem getting your dog to listen to me, but that is not a long term solution. A proper solution would be to teach you, the owner, the knowledge and skills to properly understand and communicate with your dog, resulting in your dog listening to you long after I leave.

This is why I believe my in-home dog training program is much more effective in creating a long-term behavior modification compared to board-and-train programs. My clients are the centerpiece of their dog’s training and are the one constant throughout the dogs life. Without their efforts during the training and after, the dog will eventually fall back into bad habits and unfavorable behaviors may surface once again. My training focuses on creating a bond between the dog and it’s owner. By doing so, this creates a mutual respect that goes a long way in communication. I then have the owner create a routine for the dog, so the dog knows exactly what to expect and how to act in each situation.

My training is not an easy or quick fix to your dog’s behavioral problems. It requires work from both the dog and the owner, but I can promise you the reward is priceless. You will now have a well-trained dog that listens to you in the most chaotic situations and you will also be a trained dog owner. One that has the knowledge and skills to use for the rest of your life, call 800.649.7297 or get in touch via our contact form. I can’t wait to meet your dog—and you!