Make Dog Training Fun!

Every dog owner will have to correct behavior at some point; it’s inevitable, and it’s not a bad thing. Nobody’s perfect, and this goes for dogs. Adopting a new family member means adjusting them to the way you live your life, and working with them to get them comfortable in your new space. But training also goes for dogs you’ve had for a while, because behavior isn’t static. It’s very susceptible to outside changes even with the best of pets; you might see old dogs getting more stubborn or forgetting their training, or dogs who are part of a pack picking up bad behaviors. So all owners have to train, but we all know training isn’t always a breeze.

training dog to lie downValley of the Sun Dog Training is a collective of experts with years of experience under their belts, and part of the reason were here is to show you that dog training really can be- and should be- fun. It can be tedious, time consuming, difficult, repetitive, and frustrating for both you and the dog. At points, you might start to wonder, why don’t they listen or remember the command? Why isn’t this easier? Am I doing this right? If you’re having any of the above feelings, read on to talk about how our experts can make a difference in your training.

First off, we’d like to state that consistency is key to a good training. Set a time for you and your dog to work on commands every day, and keep the commands short and simple, and absolutely the same every time. Recognize when you’re getting frustrated, and don’t take it out on your dog. Read your pet before you start. Are they tired? Hyper? Focused? If they’re not in the right space, and neither are you, don’t push it – work with them when they’re ready.

The best place to start training is in your own home, which is where we do our programs, because it ensures that your dog is in their natural space and you’re comfortable and present. By focusing on the positives of the session, you can show your dog appreciation for what they’ve learned and are working on, and you’ll keep your own morale up. Reward yourself and your dog after training so that the both of you have something to look forward to. Remember that it will take time, but this is special time you get to spend with your pet, and honor that time together.

If you’re frustrated or have hit a dead end, call our trainers today at 800.649.7297 to discuss ideas and next steps for you and your dog. We’ll be happy to put you both on the right track with some advice or one of our time-tested training programs customized to fit your schedule.