Puppy Training Case Study

For my first post, I want to write about the importance of puppy training. My Phoenix puppy training is set up to be positive reinforcement and reward-based, where puppies learn the proper behaviors through guidance and shaping. With major behavioral problems, there needs to be a balance and corrections needs to be administered fairly. Puppies though are a clean slate and starting early with training is such a huge benefit for both the puppy and owner.

Phoenix Puppy Training programs!Many people think that puppy training consists of basic commands and getting them house broken. But there can be more to teach your puppy other than how to eliminate outside or to sit on command. You also want to work on preventing separation anxiety from forming, keeping a consistent schedule and routines to make sure the puppy is not left confused and nervously wondering what is gong on.

Recently, I had a puppy named Luke enroll in my puppy training program. We started in-home so that Luke can begin and succeed in his most familiar environment first. Keeping his owner involved too helped immensely, as the owner must know how to implement and maintain the training when I am not around. Luke was ten weeks old when he started, and we began building the right associations so he could learn potty training. We also taught some basic commands, but also general manners, such as no nipping on his owner or barking for attention. We also applied some desensitization techniques to prepare Luke for later situations or stimuli that might cause anxiety or fear, such as slowly introducing nail clippers to him. Through positive reinforcement and encouragement, Luke learned the appropriate behaviors and was always motivated to follow through with them!

If you are a puppy owner and think your puppy could use a few more basic skills and manners, give me a call and we’ll get your puppy started on the right paw! Call 800-649-7297 or write me at training@valleyofthesundogtraining.com!