We Can Solve Leash Reactivity!

If you can’t take your dog for a walk without him or her barking, pulling on the leash, whimpering and lunging, then your dog may suffer from a common behavioral problem known as leash reactivity. This is a very common issue, just ask our friend a fellow dog trainer in Dallas. Leash reactive dogs are generally well-behaved when they are off the leash in a familiar environment such as their home. A leash reactive dog acts unruly whenever they are on the leash and they are generally otherwise well-behaved. We get many calls a day from owners who dread taking their dog for a walk due to the embarrassment of their dog’s wild behavior.

Vally of the Sun Dog Training Phoenix will work with your dog to resolve leash aggression/reactivity. When training a leash reactive dog, it is important for your dog to feel comfortable and confident. This is why we begin our training in the home before working out in the environment. Our in-home training program is not only for dog but also for the owner. During our training sessions we will teach the dog owner proper leash handling techniques and which behaviors are acceptable when they take their dog for a walk.

When a dog goes for a walk it is like they are entering a brand new world with a new people, different smells, and unfamiliar noises. For many dogs entering this new world on a leash can be very overwhelming which leads to leash reactivity.

When training a dog who suffers from leash reactivity, in-home training is necessary. Through my in-home training program, I will begin correcting your dog’s leash reactivity by first teaching your dog basic obedience. If your dog can learn to respond to you in your home when they are off leash then they will learn to obey you when they are outside of the home on the leash. I will teach your dog to focus on you rather than get distracted by stimuli in the environment.

To learn more about our training program for leash reactive dogs, give us a call today at 800.649.7297.