Valley of the Sun’s Dog Training Success Stories!

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Thank you so much for all your help with Cooper! He greets guests like a gentleman now, and I can fully rely on him to behave in the house, and also when we go out! Could not have done it without you…thank you again!!!

Naomi & Cooper F.

We have two dogs, Grey & Gracie. We got Gracie first, and Grey came a year later. The first day they met, they got into a fight. We hoped it was a fluke and kept Grey. They seemed to get adjusted to each other, but a month in, Grey attacked Gracie so bad, we had to take her to emergency vet. We had it..we knew we had to get help. Calling Valley of the Sun Dog Training was an absolute lifesaver (especially for Grey!). We learned how to address the sibling aggression with Grey and Gracie, and now they are bonding better than ever! Thank you SO much!

Paul & Bekki T.

I will recommend Valley of the Sun Dog Training to any dog owner who wants to get their dog straightened out! They helped me so much with my Pitbull mix, Georgia, who had TERRIBLE separation anxiety. I thought I would never be able to leave her home alone without her disturbing my neighbors with her barking and nonstop crying. She is now confident and comfortable being on her own! It doesn’t matter if your dog needs manners or has anxiety like my Georgia did…Valley of the Sun Dog Training will help!

Charlotte & Georgia D.

Ellie was our first dog and we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. At six months, she was tearing up our pant legs, destroying leashes, and she would always go insane whenever we saw another dog on our walks. We started worrying she was beginning to get aggressive, so we called Valley of the Sun Dog Training. We’re so thankful for the help they gave us — Ellie is behaving beautifully on the leash now, and our worries over aggression are now gone!

Yvonne & Rick B.