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Professional Phoenix Dog Training Programs

Change is possible for every dog!

Any dog suffering from any behavioral issue is eligible to enlist in one of Valley of the Sun Dog Training’s in-home training programs. Size, age, breed, or temperament does not deter us from working with your dog and reaching your training goals. Our Phoenix dog training will create a customized training plan that suits you and your dog’s needs.

Our trainer will meet you and your dog for an initial in-home behavioral consultation, which will help assess the following:

  • Owner lifestyle (i.e.: work schedule, energy level, etc.)
  • Dog’s environment (i.e.: urban or rural, apartment or house, presence of other pets or children, etc.)
  • The main cause of the behavioral issue (i.e.: anxiety-based, specific fear/phobia, stress-induced, will to dominate, etc.)

Once our trainer determines the best training course-of-action to take for your case, your dog can be enlisted in one of the following training programs:

  • General in-home dog training (the main focus is basic obedience, light behavior modification, and minor behavior problems)
  • Puppy training (the main focus is common puppy issues like potty training, commands, and playful nipping. Along with this, we work on strengthening the bond between you and your puppy, and beginning to socialize and desensitize them)
  • Aggressive dog training (the main focus is on extreme behaviors, such as biting, lunging, growling, etc.)

Valley of the Sun Dog Training has been successful with the following behavioral problems:

  • Aggression (biting, snapping, lunging, growling, at people or pets)
  • Anxiety/fear (whining, panting, pacing, aggression, etc)
  • Leash behavior (pulling, lunging, wandering, general reactivity)
  • Basic obedience (basic manners and commands such as Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Heel, Place)
  • Greeting behavior (jumping, running, nipping)
  • Excessive behavior (digging, chewing, destructive scratching)
  • Recall (reliable response to commands, long leash and off-leash work)
  • Bonding (with people and other pets)

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