Dog Training for New Parents

Cribs & Canines: Dog Training for New Parents 

Are you an expecting parent that is concerned about how your dog is going to react to the arrival of your newborn? Or are you a parent that is already struggling with your dog’s poor habits and bad behaviors toward your child? At Valley of the Sun Dog Training, we understand that some dogs may not bode well with a new pack member in the home, and that includes a new baby! With all the changes a new baby brings to the home, this could have different effects on your dog. For instance, with all the time and attention being spent on the new baby, how will your dog respond to this dramatic change? Will they get more demanding, anxious, nervous, or even aggressive? These are all possibilities, and many expecting parents are not willing to take these risks with their newborn!

Who is this program for?

The Cribs and Canines expecting parent training program is designed to train and prepare your dog for the arrival of your new bundle of joy, both before and after your baby is born! Our Phoenix trainer will give you as owners/parents the tools you need to stay consistent with scheduling, boundaries, rewards, and proper bonding between your dog and your baby. We’ll also create real-life scenarios for your dog that are specific toward the presence of a baby, such as walking with a stroller or going to their place whenever the baby is picked up by you. Through this, we’ll establish a regimen that both you and your dog can follow, and this will also allow your dog to becomes gradually socialized and desensitized to your new baby!

Many parents are already dealing with the stress of pregnancy, so why add more to it worrying about your dog and their potential bad behaviors? Sign your dog up for our Cribs and Canines training program, and we’ll set you, your dog, and your baby up for success! Also, if you are a current parent that is already seeing some concerning behaviors between your dog and your baby/child, call us soon! Don’t wait until things get out of hand or someone gets hurt!


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