In-Home Dog Training Phoenix

In-Home Dog Training Phoenix

Customized training for dogs and their owners!

At Valley of the Sun Dog Training, we take pride in our in-home training approach. Through our experiences with many happy clients, we have found that in-home training secures lifelong success, while also enhancing the relationship between dogs and their owners.

What Makes In-Home Dog Training So Great?

First off, there’s the convenience of it! Rather than taking your dog to an unfamiliar place that might be teeming with distractions or discomfort for your dog, we come to you! By working in your home, your dog can begin their behavior transition in comfort, and as owner, you can control the amount of distractions present during different stages of training. We always aim to set the dog up for success, so rather than throw a bunch of triggers into your dog’s first lesson, we try to eliminate them initially so that your dog has a better shot at focusing and progressing. Once your dog understands the basics of the training and becomes more acclimated to the structure, then we gradually reintroduce those distractions and triggers, so we know your dog is equipped to behave in ANY type of environment!

Another great thing about in-home dog training is the setup allows us all to work as a team. Owners aren’t sent out of the room during training, or only asked to observe…this is entirely hands-on and it is about owners learning the training themselves. We train dogs, but we also teach their people to maintain the training and find the inner leader within them, both demonstrating and instilling confidence and consistency! This is one of the biggest factors to our clients’ success…because they too have mastered the handling and communication with their dogs!

in-home dog training phoenix

In-Home Dog Training Costs A Ton, Right?

Actually, the way Valley of the Sun Dog Training charges is not by lesson or by any timely increment. Rather, it only by the job, which means that we will not stop until the job is complete! We charge a flat fee that covers all the training it needs to reach your training goals and to achieve the positive behavioral changes for your dog! This helps us focus on the dog, and at the same time, we are not draining your bank account. Every dog is different and works at their own pace, and we at Valley of the Sun Dog Training wish to respect that. If your dog needs extra lessons, we will still be there for you and your dog, with no additional charges tacked on!

Really? Even If My Dog Is The Worst, You Won’t Give Up?

Really! We have worked with some of the most severe behavior issues, and yet have still found ways to bring success to these dogs and restore harmony in their households! Our Phoenix dog trainer offers in-home training in the following categories: basic obedience training, behavior modification, aggressive dog training and rehabilitation, and also a new expecting parents training program. The philosophy our trainer follows is entirely reward-based and also commitment-based, the latter meaning we commit to committed dog owners who are ready to guide their dog to behavioral change! Training is over when your dog’s issues are over!

If you’re interested in our in-home training and want to learn more about the different training programs we offer, look through our training pages and also contact us at 520.519.7979, or write us using our contact form.


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