Puppy Training in Phoenix

Expert Puppy Training in Phoenix!

Prevention instead of Correction!

Valley of the Sun Dog Training is pleased to bring in-home puppy training to Phoenix. We firmly believe that training is essential, especially for a puppy who is aching to learn more about their new home and family! Without the right training and guidance, a puppy can exhibit some problematic behavior, which will only escalate as they grow older and bigger! Puppy training is a great way to prevent future problems from forming when your pup becomes an adult, and we want to make sure that your puppy is set up to start on the right paw in life!

puppy training in phoenix

Below are some common puppy problems that owners might be dealing with:

  • Bonding: not getting along with people or pets in the home
  • Socialization: not getting along with strangers (whether it be people or other pets)
  • Housebreaking: eliminating inside the home
  • Basic Obedience: following through with commands like Sit, Stay, Down, Place and Heel
  • Leash Behavior: pulling or lunging on the leash, and also chewing on the leash
  • Hyper Behavior: poor manners such as barking, running, chewing, nipping, or jumping
  • Desensitization: strong reactions (our of fear or anxiety) to certain stimuli, such as sounds, certain lifestyle situations (i.e.: clipping nails, cleaning ears, etc)

Our Phoenix dog trainer will address all of these behavioral problems and more with your puppy! We will make sure that you and your puppy’s specific needs and goals are met!

Some dog owners think puppy training isn’t important, or is only limited to teaching commands and potty training. Valley of the Sun Dog Training wants to cover this and more, so that your puppy knows exactly what they need to do, and also to start understanding their boundaries. By starting early, you can make sure that your puppy succeeds and that problems do not develop as they age and experience their instinctual will to dominate.

If your puppy is at least 7 weeks of age our in-home training program is just what you need.

Find out how to set your puppy up for a lifetime of success through Valley of the Sun Dog Training! Call us at 520.518.7979, or e-mail us on our contact page!


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